Media Management

In an effort to retain the most current and relevant materials, we will be removing our very small collection of media. The current media collection consists of videocassette tapes, DVDs, software on disc, and audio files on CDROM. 

After an in depth review of the collection, including the loan records, we have determined that the collection is rarely used and outdated.  The majority of the material is 5 or more years out of date or older. In addition, many of the physical formats are either no longer usable with current equipment (e.g., videocassette tapes), or not in popular use (e.g., audio files on CDROM).  The software included on many of the discs is no longer compatible with current computer operating systems. 

Please see this list of the current media titles and media formats.  If there are any items that you feel should not be removed, please contact Cynthia Johnson by October 30, 2015, and provide your reasons for retaining this material.  We will review your comments and make the decision to either retain the material, purchase an updated version, or proceed with the removal. 

Thank you for your support of the Grunigen Medical Library as we continually strive to maintain a current and vital collection of resources in the health sciences.