Grunigen Medical Library Collections Project

The Grunigen Medical Library (GML), the UCI Medical Center, and the College of Health Sciences have worked closely together to update the Medical Library and better serve the faculty, students, researchers, and staff at the Medical Center in Orange. In Fall 2019, the Libraries began discussions with the School of Medicine and the Medical Center to renovate part of GML and create a Center for Clinical Research (CCR). The construction to build the CCR is slated to begin in November 2020.

The Grunigen Medical Library will decrease its print holdings and instead maintain a small collection of heavily used monographs and a select number of journals not available electronically.

The UCI Libraries have been committed for many years to licensing electronic books in the field of medicine to improve access to these materials. Similarly, the Libraries have invested heavily in electronic journals, and over 90% of the serials held at GML are available electronically. To gain a better sense of the many electronic resources available to support medical research and instruction, please see the Grunigen Medical Library’s Core Resources page ( The Core Resources page is a selective list of the numerous resources we have licensed.

The GML monograph collection has historically been a small, selective, collection that supports UCI Medical Center’s clinical mission. We will continue to collect titles in print and electronically to meet this need.

To view a sample of the titles that may be impacted by the renovation, click here.

This list contains print monographs published between 2010 and 2018 that do not fall into the following categories, which we will retain at GML:

  • The top 200 print circulating monographs that are not duplicated at the Science Library.
  • All print monographs published between 2018 and 2020, including all print titles purchased since January 1, 2019, no matter the publication date.

Please send any questions or titles that you would like to see retained at GML to either Cynthia Johnson (Head, Reference and the Grunigen Medical Library) or Becky Imamoto (Head, Collection Strategies), by August 15, 2020.