American Osteopathy Association

Archives at the American Osteopathy Association in Chicago

OPSC Charter
OPSC became a charter to represent the Osteopathic Association of California, as the amalgamation of AOA with AMA was pursued by Counselor Hufstedler and Dorothy Marsh, D.O. At the AOA convention in 1960 , Richard Eby, D.O. had objected to the amalgamation and the charter became important to represent the Osteopathic Association in California.

AOA policy on individual requests by former D.O.s to reverse their decision and to re-gain their D.O. degree
In 1963, AOA developed a policy about individual reversing requests. AOA required the return of the new M.D. diploma but this request was not adhered to. There are no data published on the number of applicants who wanted to reverse their switch to the M.D. degree.
An additional document provides information about OPSC offering help to AOA to assist with these individual reversing requests.

AOA document on defining osteopathic medicine
As M.D.s apparently differentiated in the early 1960s between “scientific D.O.s” and “touching (manipulation) D.O.s”, AOA provided a document to explain the full scope of osteopathic medicine.

Profile of a Merger
A Report to the American Osteopathic Association, prepared by Market Facts, Inc, Chicago IL, February 1966.

The AMA and the osteopaths
A study of the power of organized medicine, by Erwin A. Blackstone. The Antitrust Bulletin, Volume XXII, 405, 1977.