Private Collection of Historical Documents

Index of Documents collected by Dr. Forest Grunigen and Mrs. Dolores Grunigen (informally indexed on 12-18-06)

1997: 41st Medical Society dissolved:
Letter to Dr. Grunigen by administrator
Certificate of Dissolution, signed by Paul Yates, M.D., President, and Jordan Phillips, M.D., stating that monies were transferred to the 41st Medical Trust Endowment.

1961 Agreement between CMA and COA to merge

1998 folder about 41st TF efforts to establish research on manipulation:

  • Proposal by neurologists and a physiatrist: Wolfgang Gilliard, D.O., Bill Anderson, M.D., Philip Greenman, D.O.
  • Proposal by Dr. Hong, with outcome assessments proposed by Dr. Reinsch

Vincent Carroll, M.D. (1904 – 1986):

  • A brochure about Dr. Carroll with color photo

Stephen Teale, M.D. (1916-1997):
Obituary published in the Sacramento Bee, February 3, 1997 (Dr. Teale died February 1st, 1997).

Forest Grunigen, M.D., curriculum vitae

Informal History of the University of California Irvine, manuscript by Stephen Man:
This partly fictional story was written from a medical student’s perspective and might be published as The Healing Circle.

1986 documentation about the Osteopathic Licensing Board

1979 Senate Bill 1199

Merger-related materials:

  • The publication by Kisch and Viseltear
  • A proposal (undated) entitled Unification II

Establishment of the Dorothy Marsh Endowed Chair

Development of the 41st TF: written on December 31, 1964, this document was created 1 day prior to the UC Regents taking over CCM.

Second Amendment to Affiliation Agreement, created on 9-14-1967, this document includes valuable historical information

Further research proposals submitted to the 41st TF committee:

  • Robert Blanks, Ph.D., examining chiropractic manipulation
  • Yu Zhu, M.D.: the proposal by his group was funded by the 41st TF, together with matched funding by the AOA, as requested by Dr. Seffinger

Several folders contain documentation regarding a hospital for UCI College of Medicine

Grace Bell, MD:
In 1986, her private records were given to Dr. Grunigen. Dr. Bell lived to be in her 90s. Documentation regarding the Grace Bell, M.D. Endowed Chair in Biological Chemistry at UCI is included as well as a Bio sketch and a photo, taken in 1986.

1978 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Manipulation Project: A conference was conducted by Dr. Tobis and Dr. Burger. Murray Goldstein, D.O. provided consultation in 1976.

Scott Haldeman, M.D., Ph.D. was accepted to residency: He conducted a workshop on manipulation at Michigan State University, as a follow-up to Dr. Tobis' conference. Dr. Haldeman published his study on manipulation, an example for the nation-wide interest in manipulation generated by the 41st Trust Fund.

August 1981, CMA position on Osteopathy: “Osteopathy - where we stand.”
The Saga of Osteopathy, a reprint of a publication in the Western Journal of Medicine, 1975.